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How do the stamp duty changes affect me?

I recently listened to a radio panel debate regarding the week’s news.  One of the topics debated was the proposed ‘Sugar Tax’.  Most panellists thought this was a good idea to help in the battle against childhood obesity.  One panellist disagreed stating the UK already had the most complicated taxation system in the world.  According to her, the HMRC tax code handbook now runs to nearly 7,000 pages!

Recent changes to Stamp Duty Land Tax, the government levy on buying property, has further added to this complication.


Selling your house? Six questions to ask an estate agent.

When selecting an Estate Agent, most people are only interested in how much and how little; “How much will I get for my house and how little will you charge me for selling it?” This approach can lead to trouble further down the road, so we have put together a checklist of six questions to ask an estate agent to help you decide who is best placed to sell your property.