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Oak Tree Mortgages
Your local mortgage broker in Solihull and Surrounds

If you’re looking to buy your first home, want to arrange a moving home mortgage, need to find out how to remortgage, or require some buy to let mortgage advice then book a free consultation with us to see how we can save you money and make your mortgage application run quickly and smoothly.

Oak Tree Mortgage Brokers Solihull and Sheldon were created in 2003 to offer practical and honest mortgage advice to individuals in the Solihull area. We now have three offices in the region, as we value a hands-on and personal approach to dealing with our clients.

Oak Tree Mortgages
A very personal service to mortgage advice in Solihull, Sheldon and Surrounds

Arrange your mortgage with a bank or building society and chances are you’ll be dealing with call centres and lots of different individuals. You’ll have one point of contact, who will take the time to get to know you and your circumstances. In order to offer you the best financial advice, we need a good understanding of your financial commitments and goals.

We are currently offering appointments online unless you have a specific requirement for a face-to-face meeting. If you do need to meet in person, please call us on 0121 733 8833 to arrange an appointment at our Solihull (Shirley) office.


Shirley Office


Sheldon Office

Why work with Oak Tree Mortgages?

Customer feedback

We are really proud of the great reviews we have received on sites such as Google Reviews, testament to the hard work and dedication we invest in our customers.

Reviews of our mortgage advice in Solihull and Sheldon highlight that we have achieved our aims of being approachable and accessible, providing honest and impartial advice, and offering the advice designed to meet our clients needs and demands.

Open and transparent

There are no hidden costs or charges with us, we declare our fee structure and how we earn money, and we don’t have any tie-ins to certain lenders.

We can honestly say we work with our clients’ best interests at heart – so much so that if we think they are best placed staying put, and we don’t earn a commission, then that’s the advice we give them.

Experienced mortgage advisors

Each member of our team has worked in the mortgage industry for at least ten years.

There’s no substitute for experience and we know the best lenders to go to, where to find the best rates, how to secure the fastest applications, and how to overcome hurdles such as shift allowances, non-standard construction, or zero hours contracts.