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Frequently Asked Questions
Our ethos

As professional mortgage brokers in Solihull and Wythall our vision is the same now as it was when we set up in 2003 – to provide a highly personal service, building on our core values of honesty, integrity, and approachability.

What is a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker is someone who can access a wide range of mortgage products across a variety of lenders and can present a range of options to you, suitable for your needs.

Using a mortgage advisor is much quicker than visiting multiple high street banks or building societies and can save you hours of time on the internet searching for deals, only to find out that you may not meet the lender’s eligibility criteria.

Do I need to use a mortgage broker?

You don’t have to – you can liaise directly with many banks and building societies yourself. But do you know if they will offer you the best rates?

Will you be speaking to the same person every time?

Do you trust the call centre operative you’re speaking to?

Will you know all the questions to ask about rate changes, early repayment charges, portable mortgages, buy to let mortgage criteria, arrangement fees, eligibility criteria?

Do you have the time to liaise with the lender as your application progresses or if there are issues with your mortgage valuation?

That’s why working with us is the easiest, safest, and most trusted way to secure the most appropriate mortgage deal for you.

Why should I work with Oak Tree Mortgages?

There are many advantages of working with us, including:

  • No live chats, call centres, or being passed from person to person. You’ll deal with just one person who will work with you throughout the process. We’ll do your application, upload all the documents, deal with the lender, and answer all your questions. 
  • Bespoke recommendations, suited to your personal circumstances. Our specialist software allows us to search through hundreds of lenders and mortgage products quickly and efficiently, in order to find the most suitable mortgage product for you.
  • A smooth and efficient process. We all know buying and moving home can be an incredibly stressful experience. We’re here to make it that little bit easier. Our extensive experience of the mortgage market means that we know what information lenders need, their eligibility criteria, and which lenders are flexible, which means we can process your application quickly and effectively.
  • The majority of our clients do not incur a fee from us. The only time this is required is if the loan amount is under £100,000 or if we are arranging a Buy to Let mortgage. We are paid a fee by the lender, but we are not tied to any lender and this fee is not passed onto our clients.
What are your fees?

In most instances we do not charge you any fees at all, as we receive a commission from the lender for arranging the mortgage. We would only need to charge you a fee if:

  • the loan amount is under £100,000. If the loan amount is between £60,000 and £100,000 our broker fee is £249, and if the loan is under £60,000 then the fee is £349.
  • you arrange a buy to let mortgage with us. The fee for this is £349.

As we always work in the customers’ best interests, sometimes we advise them not to change their current arrangements. In this case, we don’t receive a commission from the mortgage lender and for those clients who would like to contribute, we ask instead that they make a small donation to Shelter – our chosen charity. Each year, with the support of our customers, we help around 500 people achieve their dream of owning their own home.

The security and happiness this brings is something many of us take for granted. Yet, in the West Midlands, around 1500 families are homeless with many more affected by poor housing. Shelter provides advice, representation, and support to those in need as well as campaigning for political change to tackle the causes of homelessness.

Do we meet in person or online?

We prefer to meet on Zoom – it’s time -efficient, enables us to develop an effective working relationship with you, and keeps both parties safe. You can still ask us all the questions you need to, like how does remortgaging work, what is a home mover mortgage, or how to apply for a first time home buyer mortgage.

How do I arrange my first meeting with you?

Use our ‘Book Now’ link to arrange a convenient appointment. However if you need to make a face-to-face meeting please call us on 0121 733 8833 to arrange a meeting at our Solihull office in Shirley.

Do you work with every lender in the UK?

We work with most of them but there are a few that don’t work with mortgage brokers, such as First Direct.


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© Oak Tree Mortgages. All rights reserved. Web Design by Hotlobster Design Limited.

© Oak Tree Mortgages. All rights reserved.
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